Boxes or Poly Mailers 

There’s a lot that goes into bunning businesses, and you need to focus not just on paying who works for you, but also product inventory, and brand marketing. 

One of the most important parts of this though is making sure that the packages arrive safely to the customers. You will definitely want a reliable company to deliver anything, but also figure out as well whether you want to use poly mailers or boxes as well to ship everything that you need to ship for your business. 

All About Poly Mailers 

They’re little bags that come with a top that is sealable, and it doesn’t need tape. The materials are durable and lightweight, and they’re sometimes lined with some bubble wrap. You also will want to put a label on the front if it’s not already there. 

They’re thin, so they don’t’ cost a lot nor do they take a bunch of room in the truck. 

While boxes are usually a cheaper option, poly mailers have a big advantage over boxes, and we’ll go over that right about now. 

They’re Eco-Friendly 

Poly mailers are actually more green than boxes typically are. 

You can usually purchase poly mailers that are reusable to lower the waste, and it’s good. It’s harder to ruse boxes once opened, and you can even recycle them as well, since they’re a lot smaller than what boxes are, and it also leads to a lot less waste. 

Less Shipping Costs 

Boxes tend to be really expensive, since they offer heavier packaging, and usually, they are bigger and bulkier. 

With poly mailers, they offer a more snug fit than boxes do. They’re also very light, so even if you put the items in there to the brim, it’s actually a lot cheaper than just sending over a box. 

It can be insignificant for some items, but the thing is, that adds up. Sure you may not save a lot on one poly mailer, but think of five, ten, or even a hundred of those. It does save a lot of shipping costs too. 

Good For Customized Branding 

Customized branding is important for a lot of companies. 

When you use boxes, it does take a lot more money to properly give that, and it typically is hard to do otherwise. Sure, you could make the shipping label different, but that isn’t much. 

But the thing is, with poly mailers, you can add the brand logo, get the custom ones, and really make it stand out compared to boxes as well. 

There are also different types of mailers out there, so if you want something specific, you’re good to go. 

The Best Items for Them 

Poly mailers can handle a lot, but the thing is, if it’s something very heavy, it may need to go into a box. 

Clothes however work well, since they can be flattened and not crushed by transit. 

Books are the same, but you should try to make sure you add a bubble mailer instead of a regular poly mailer, to prevent it from getting wrecked. 

Beauty products also work well. They’re small, lightweight, and obviously, it would be silly to throw them into a box. 

Finally, accessories or phone cases. They oftentimes are small, and they usually do only require a bit of cushioning so that they’re not crushed during transport. That much is simple, and there is definitely a lot of benefits to using this as well. 

And with that, that’s the benefit of a poly mailer. They’re small, cheap, and easy to use for all of your shipping needs too.