Back when pandemic  shut down the entire world for a whole summer in 2020, many people had a hard time finding jobs. I happened to be one of those people, but I was in between my sophomore and junior year of college and was looking for a summer job to make some money over the summer. However, like I just mentioned, I had a really hard time finding any sort of work because nobody was really hiring at that time. Consequently, I had to look for some alternative job routes to go where I could find work. While I looked around for other jobs, I started working for a company called Shipt delivery service to make some money for the time being. If you are unfamiliar with Shipt, it is a grocery delivery company that hires people to go out to Meijer, shop a list of groceries through the Shipt app, and then deliver the groceries to a customers doorstep. I decided to try my hand at working this job while I looked for other work, but it turned out to be very profitable and I ended up working for Shipt for the entire summer. Since you get paid by the order, it was really easy to make a lot of money in one day if you were fast at completing the orders. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve involved in working for Shipt, and it can be really frustrating at times when dealing with certain customers. I had to communicate with a lot of customers over text in order to ask about different products in the store, and sometimes people were really rude to me.

The convenient part about working for Shipt is that, once you get to know the Meijer that you are working out of really well, you can come up with a system that works for you to shop the groceries in a really short timeframe in order to deliver multiple orders on top of each other. What I mean by this is that there was always a certain path that I would take through the store to get the groceries that I needed for the order. The groceries were all listed through the Shipt app that I used, and the app made it pretty easy to keep track of the items that you needed to pick up and the items that you had already grabbed.

I would always leave the refrigerated and frozen goods for last, since I did not want them to get warm while I was shopping for other grocery items like chips and candy boxes. The thing about these items like candy boxes and other snacks is that they can take up some time to find, since there are so many different ones to choose from and it can be hard to find the items you need on the shelves. In contrast, items like peanut butter, milk, and beverages were very easy to find because those are all generally the same items. 

The system that I would use would look something like this: I would start in the produce section, since that was right in the front of the store when you’d walk in. Then I would work my around the rest of the store until I had gathered everything that I needed for the order.