Packaging Design

When you’re looking to really sell something, the secret here is packaging.  The problem is, retailers are very competitive today, and it’s important to understand that packaging that looks good and attractive will associate the brain with good things and rewards.  Bad packaging does the opposite, creating negative feelings, which you don’t want of course.  Packaging plays a huge part on the choices we make when shopping, so let’s take a bit of time to talk about the best packaging tips that are out there, and of course, what you can do to really make your packaging stand out in a very competitive market. 

Promote the Brand 

When it comes to the design of packaging, you want it to make sure that it follows your brand and isn’t different.  You want to’ make sure that it does fit the general statement that goes along with this. Whatever it might be, have that reflected within the packaging. 

If you don’t do this, it creates a big disconnect, and it’ll leave the customers confused, potentially alienated too.  An example of this is Apple. Apple is simple and sleek, and everything is all lined up.  If there were a lot of obnoxious graphics, it would deter from the message. 

Look at the Packaging Material 

Next, look to see if you’ve chosen the right material for the item to offer the best protection possible, but also consider whether or not you can use eco-friendly packaging. That’s because a little bit of biodegradable means of packaging could make a huge impact as well on the state of your packaging, and how it looks as well. It’s very important to look at the material as well when you’re dealing with this too. 

Be True to Product 

Always make sure that the packaging does reflect the food or whatever is inside. Make sure it’s up to quality, or else customers are going to be disappointed.  You shouldn’t manipulate the packaging to look bigger than it is, and that misleading packaging design will not only turn away customers, but it could also do even worse, such as going viral for the wrong reasons, and make it so that you look dishonest in the eyes of customers.  Just don’t do that, and you’ll definitely have a better result. 

Keep it Clean, Straight, and Clear in design 

You want to make sure that everything looks orderly on the package, and also have it clearly say everything that’s in it, and what customers need to know.  Customers don’t want to look all over to try to figure out what they’re buying. Save them the headache by of course making sure that you have a packaging design that really just says exactly what it is they’re getting. 

Consider the Shelf too! 

Finally, consider the way that it’ll look on the shelf, surrounded by the alternatives and even your competitors.  Look at it, and see how it’ll stand out, and whether not your customer will grab it over another.  You definitely want to look at how you can stand out above the rest, whether it be a classic design, a little bit of color, or something truly unique. Don’t be afraid to compare this to the rest of the items there to help you really get a big feel for what it is that they’re buying. 

Remember that the packaging makes the product. Not everyone wants to hear that, but it’s true, so make sure that your packaging reflects everything you’re trying to say about the product, and what you’re hoping to achieve with this product, and the results of such as well. 

Custom Box Printing for Packaging 

Custom packaging ideas are a good idea for a lot of ecommerce business. With many business struggling, the competition online has already made it much steeper as well. With the competition volume increasing, you want to make the business stand out, which is why you want to make sure that your products truly get the attention of the audience I order to improve your business. So how do you compete in an oversaturated market? Well, custom box printing is a good idea. 

Consider Creativity 

No matter how much you sell, packaging is a big part of this. There are a few ways for you to use this and improve your marketing as well. Some printing means can help your packages, and if you do give it to another business, you can also have them focus on that and you can focus on your own personal retail. But why should you care about creative packaging? Well special printing can improve the product aesthetics, and this is very important especially if you’re a brand that’s luxury, and you need to make sure the message is right for the audience.  But there are affordable means to protect the products, and also implement the techniques necessary for your business. 

Some creative ways

Here, we’ll go over a few of the ways to do creative aspects for your packaging business.  First is embossing, which is where you lift or recess with debossing the text in your images to create a feel and look that’s textured. It’s simple, but it can make your brand look better and dramatically change the gosh the art to create that effect. Then there is foil blocking which is where you add a metallic part of the packaging in order to create a more versatile look to it. You can highlight different areas that catch the attention of customers, and it offers different finishes too. 

Then there is UV coating, which accentuates the design of the packaging, offering a subtle means to attract the attention of customers in order to offer more glossy details that are printed, and of course a matte background to this though. The UV coating is then highlighted when reflected in light, making it look  to the product as well. Then you’ve got spot varnish which is when you do it similar to UV coting, highlighting different parts of the product and also changing the reflection of the light, but also you create a spotted nature to It, adding of course more spotted texture to the product as well. This is a good way to offer a textured manner to your products. You can also do digital printing, which is a method that’s similar to printing regularly, and it works faster and offers really nice results. It’s good for smaller packaging and other sorts of means.  

Litho printing is another.  This is good for high-quality types of packaging, and if you create a lot of custom boxes, this is definitely a great option, since these blocks and rollers definitely worked. You must consider it if you are looking for budget-friendly packaging to make it look expensive. Finally, there is screen printing, which is wonderful for colors that are vivid.  If a stencil gets created, you can then create a lot of copies of this for almost no costs whatsoever. So as you can see from this, you’ve got a lot of options for printing. If you want to really take your design game to the next level, this is indeed how you do it, and it’s a great way to stand out from the competition if you need to do that as well too.