Tips For Baking

Due to recent events in our world, lots of people locked in their homes seem to have taken up various hobbies. Honestly, I don’t blame anyone who was looking for something more to do with their time besides sit on the couch and binge Netflix. One hobby that many people have started trying to get good at is baking; now this is interesting to me because I have been baking my entire life ever since I was a small boy. In fact, not a day of my life has gone by without me baking something. That’s right, every single day that I have ever lived has consisted of my baking something.

Anyways, I have seen a lot of posts on social media about people trying their hand at baking and completely failing like absolute buffoons. What a lot of people do not understand about baking is that it is actually fairly difficult to get the hang of depending on what you’re trying to bake. Now, of course you can stick with simple baked goods like chocolate chip cookies or brownies and be just fine, but there is something else to be said about those types of bakes that take a lot of practice and skill.

Those types of bakes are not as readily available for the novice bakers out there, since it takes time to hone your baking skills with lots of patience and practice. However, I wanted to take some time today to offer some advice on baking. So here are a few tips and tricks that you can take advantage of on your next baking adventure. 

The first tip that I have for those out there who are looking to start baking is that you should recycle all of the materials that you can when you are baking. This tip might seem like it is not really about baking, but I promise you that it is. Believe it or not, our world is constantly being polluted by millions of tons of plastic, textile, and metal waste every single day – at the rate we are headed in, millions of us will be long gone by the year 2050. With all that being said, I really wanted to stress the importance of recycling the products that you are using when you can. So if you are baking with certain ingredients like candy boxes or egg cartons, make sure to recycle them!

Or you can reuse things like candy boxes and repurpose them for something different, like a new little cardboard box for your child to play with. Now you might be wondering, isn’t more than 90 percent of pollution caused by corporations and 3rd world countries? Yes, you would be correct in this statement. However, we have a moral duty as individuals and responsible citizens to do our part in saving the environment and the planet (even though it is completely useless to try).

Another tip that I have for you regarding baking is that you should always be careful when reading the ingredients list as well as the instructions on the recipe guide. You would not believe how many people glance over simple directions during the baking process that will ultimately lead to a poorly baked product and leave the novice baker in complete confusion and despair. I do not want you to have such a traumatic experience with baking like this, so I highly suggest for you to be careful when reading instructions and make sure to measure out all ingredients very accurately.