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Learn to Skydive

Learning to skydive and becoming a licensed skydiver might sound like an impossible goal, but it is well with in the realm of almost everyone's abilities! At Oahu Parachute Center, we use the training methods provided by the USPA (United States Parachute Association) to train students to become safe and successful skydivers. The program is called AFF (Accelerated Free Fall). 

The AFF training program begins with a short ground school before each of the first two training tandem jumps. This is followed by a 4-5 hour First Jump Course and then 7 Instructor jumps. Prior to each and every jump, the student receives extensive and thorough training on the ground, covering both the freefall learning objectives and the operation of the equipment used in the skydive. Each level is designed to build your skills and prepare you to become a solo skydiver.

Throughout the course you will be responsible for completing each jump's objectives, safely deploying your parachute and navigating it to the ground. Once all levels have been completed successfully, you will be cleared to become a solo skydiver!


Your sky education doesn’t stop once you’ve finished AFF, it's only just begun. Oahu Parachute Center offers a solid coaching program to help you finish the requirements needed to obtain your USPA A-license. Our coaches will help guide you through several coached jumps, instructing you on how to become a safer and more proficient skydiver. 

Oahu is a tricky drop zone due to its location and placement right next to the ocean. The north shore trade winds and obstacles around the airport pose unique difficulties that require an extra amount of care and attention in training.


Our goal at OPC is to create competent, safe skydivers while still promoting a culture of fun. 


Once you have become a licensed skydiver, we pride ourselves on incorporating newly licensed skydivers in all dropzone activities and providing other tools to ensure the learning never stops.